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The Tenex Fast procedure is a minimally invasive treatment for chronic tendon pain. It can be used to treat

Our surgeons use ultrasound technology to identify the specific location of damaged tissue.  The area will then be numbed, using local anesthetic. This allows the patient to remain awake throughout the entire procedure. Our surgeons then breakdown and remove only the damaged tissue using gentle ultrasonic energy. Patients might feel a little pressure or may feel nothing at all. The incision is quite small and only requires a band-aid - no stitches. Most people are able to drive home after the procedure. Most report immediate pain relief and have a quick recovery. The speed of your recovery will depend on your diagnosis and individual results can vary.​

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OrthoSports Athens offers Sports Medicine for athletes and weekend warriors, as well as Arthroscopic Surgery options to repair everyday injuries in the most minimally invasive and least painful way. Do you have a knee that catches or pops or a shoulder that is painful to move or sleep on? In the past these types of injuries would significantly impact people’s lifestyles and they would just learn to live with and bear these injuries, attributing them to the aging process. However, with the advanced arthroscopic surgery techniques that OrthoSports provides, these injuries can be repaired quickly, allowing patients to return to their normal activities and greatly reduce or eliminate the pain they experience. These arthroscopic techniques are also used to repair injuries that athletes sustain, quickly getting them back in action. During the recovery process, OrthoSports coordinates your care with our outstanding area Physical Therapy providers to facilitate the best healing and outcome for our patients.

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For patients who experience significant hip, knee, or shoulder pain, and are prevented from doing their normal activities because of worn-out or deteriorated joints, OrthoSports Athens offers advanced total and partial joint replacements. These surgeries allow patients to regain their mobility and return to their normal, everyday activities. In addition, our doctors are well-trained and very experienced at performing the Anterior Approach Hip Replacement, which results in a faster recovery time and less pain than traditional hip replacement techniques.

Our surgeons operate at Athens-Limestone Hospital which recently earned the Blue Distinction® Center+ Designation for Quality and Cost-Efficiency in Knee and Hip Replacement Surgeries

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